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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sharing Sammy's Birthday and Meikan Talking You Tube links

Sammy's you tube birthday
Meikan saying I want it ... Here.
We enjoy sharing them with you..hope you like them..

Friday, November 30, 2007

A few new Pictures in our folder and a thank you!

Download them Here!

This is our new image for you!

We hope you like it.

As always our images are postcard ware if you wish to use them commercially.

One post cards lets you use all the images we post for commercial use.

This one looks beautiful and makes a nice calendar for the handsome men in our lives.

Great stocking stuffer for the office or any little special gift.

Not that you cannot use it for women to..but in Sammy's world..he thinks..these are daddy things and angels are mommy things.

Thank you to Elf, who dearly has touched my heart in only ways the angels can explain...and her daughter Clara

who is of Sammy's long distance friend..for more then a few years.

They have never met in person but they know each other.

Thank you each of you that has left a comment.

Ida Macken, you never fail to bring us a smile.

Miss Laurie, who was the only student aid in school who Sammy had no fear of and loved dearly with all his heart..every year he has to go see miss Laurie for Halloween..this year he could not walk..that far and missed upset him for a bit..but he got over it.

I believe children like Sammy has a special gift when it comes to people...!

To my friend Rainee, who has always patiently let me rant and rave through what has been a difficult year with loads of changes, who makes me smile and gives me confidence when I have none and is the smartest in the world when it comes to knowing about animals.

She is one fine scrapper also.

Sharon aka Scrapcat

Thank you for the sweet comments, you always seem to come along at just the right time

when we are struggling with something at home and need to put it away and remember to do something fun. Life cannot be all serious..but sometimes I can get caught up in all the challenges we face and forget to do what comes as a form of pleasure for us..that is not hard when you are dealing with numerous professionals and numerous government organizations on a daily basis..and there are times..when it pert near drives you mental.

Thank you Christine, I showed Sammy where London is on his map..and showed him how close it is to his fathers birthplace Holland..he says you live next store..smiles.

Now Sammy don't know what a LO is..either but it is a placing of pictures and graphics to accomplish and overall finished picture to store or print.

Thank you to Terry we hope you like this picture as well.

Sammy makes the decision of which picture I am going to put up..I do this when he is ready to choose it for me. He says this looks like Meikan when he is out for his pee at night.

Thank you to Sweet Rosa whose little boy is an angel and just had his Birthday.Rosa is learning to scrap and does beautiful work. She used to work with children like Sammy and has a great understanding of why I am gone sometimes and how much it involves..with it taking much longer for him to reach independent functioning skills then regular children...and the numerous hours spent with getting their medical and educational needs met.

Although I will say home schooling was the best thing I have ever...ever decided to do..

it relieved us of so much stress it is unreal the difference.

We have a newer and better appreciation of where he is at in his life and what and where..we....are going with it.

Jannidee someday I hope to visit the cabin and taste some of your fine home cooking girl..I gain weight just thinking about are a excellent not the bar room brawl always make me smile..and for someone who is way to serious that is such a welcome treat.

Cindi...thank you..this is what we call dream blends..and we use our own photos to do it..I do not know if you use graphic programs but if you search blending may find some tutorials..most will be for tags or stationery..but they can be adapted using your own photos adding the little something extra in them that give them a professional touch..

Judy...I showed him Australia...of course..when explaining to him a bit about Australia..we talked in things he could relate to..kangaroos and panda bears..and he wants to know..if you have ever hopped with a kangaroo..sweet child..he says you are lucky to live where they live.

The postcard is not here yet..but we are so totally on the opposite end of the world..which Sammy found so amazing..that we live way up here and you down under..Thank you again!

Thank you Dianne, we now have in this past few months a husky who thinks he is a toy poodle and it would make you smile to see them playing tug of war on mommas bed. I think Meikan thinks Poochie is his mother..he is ever so gentle with her but at the same time so jealous of all the animals..he definitely wants to win being the dominant one..that is for sure.
Thank you ..we visited web sites of the Henry Ford and area where you live..
God Bless you also.
So far Sammy and I have have been doing virtual to speak..visiting on the internet places from Cuba, Austrilia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Connecticut,Greenfield Village, Miami,
and England has taken us awhile to do this with Sammy attention span..doing a lesson or two if we could fit it in..a week..but we are finally caught up with it..and think it is a beautiful way to learn about the world outside of Labrador...thank you all for the lovely comments and I hope we have not left anyone out..thank you all for showing something so much more that is even harder to teach without people like you in the world..and that is that it take a whole (community)to raise a child and some pretty special people in the world to care about each other.
That is a beautiful thing..!
I hope I have not forgotton anyone if I did I am so me a note and let me know...
We hope you like the picture Sammy is only getting it up now..
She chose a few more photos and put in our 4shared folder that have no previews..surprises...but please enjoy..and feel free using them..because it is our way of giving something back..
Hopefully we will get a few more post done this week..of his birthday video and the dog video..
From Sam the Man and Joanne..
hope you each are enjoying getting ready for the holidays...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Meikan Postcardware Two

MeikanTwo Postcardware!
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Download full size here!
1160x964 300 dpi
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Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy Meikan as much as we do!

Meikan Postcardware

This is Meikan
to download the full size image
2304x1728 300 dpi
Click Here!
Commercial use of this image is allowed in exchange for a postcard!
We will be pinning where we get postcards from ..on our world
teach Geography
Thank you for visiting.
We hope you enjoy Meikan as much as we do!
You can send your postcard to Sammy
P.O. Box 145
North West River,
Labrador, Canada
A0P 1M0

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Meet Me and Meikan

I would like to welcome you to my world..right now my mother is helping me with my blog.
I help mom with what to say and what to talk about..and mom helps me.

This year my mom..decided she would try home schooling.
I was in total agreement with her.
I have not had postitive experiences in school.
My mom helped me set this blog up as a part of my home schooling.

Later, we are going to post some pictures of my dog.
He has become an important part of my life..and we hope to someday be able to train him to pull a three wheel bike..when we can pull the resources togethor to arrange it.

Mom showed me the pictures and I thought it was so cool.
My dog, I call a wolve dog.

I saw the movie 8 below .. me and my daddy watched it togethor..I cried and daddy did too..daddy likes wolve dogs me and daddy now have a very special friend.
We also have another special friend Scott who knows lots about huskeys, and in particular a breed called Labrador Huskies...

My dog is part Labrador Husky and part Siberian Husky.He is a big puppy in a big body. He is very strong. His name is Meikan, which is the Innu word for wolve.

Meikan is now about 8 months old and was a pound rescue. He came to us very thin and sickly..his fur did not shine..and his eyes seems sad..He is not thin momma started him on a high protien diet, and you should see how big he has grown.

He is full of fun and very smart. He already knows how to sit, give paw and most of the time now..will say I want it for food..sometimes he is very perfect with it and sometimes he is to excited.. Mom has a video of him saying it and when she learns how to edit out the junkie parts is going to upload it..for everyone to see...

We also are going to later make husky postcards..for you to print for yourself. We are going to add some husky desktops also.

okay with out further ado...lets meet my new friend.

Our Special Girl

This is our special girl. She came all the way from Ontario to be with me after I had a major surgery. She was a gift from my Nanny and Mommy. She is a toy poodle and ever so tiny.
Meikan loves to play with her and she loves to tease Meikan and still fights for her spot on the one is taking her matter how small she is..she thinks she is as big as him..He is gentle with her..but He don't understand why she has to be boss.

Then and Now

See How much I have grown.

My Kindergarden Grad

I am a handsome mom and dad tell me..but I am very shy.

Meikan's many Faces

My Cat Mr. Little

Mr. Little is not to fussy about Meikan. Meikan is quickly learning Mr. Little do not want to play with him.

In Training

This is me with my dog

He is just the best friend a boy could have.